Campaign Co-Chairs

Sheriff Jack is grateful for the support of his campaign co-chairs:

  • Minnesota State Senator Foung Hawj

  • Victoria Reinhardt, Ramsey County Board of Commissioners

  • Maplewood Mayor and former State Representative Nora Slawik


What people are saying about Sheriff Jack:

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Proud to be Supported by...

Betty McCollum, United States Congressperson

Foung Hawj, State Senator

Jason Isaacson, State Senator

Susan Kent, State Senator

Charles Wiger, State Senator

Jamie Becker-Finn, State Representative

Peter Fischer, State Representative

Leon Lillie, State Representative

Dave Pinto, State Representative

JoAnn Ward, State Representative

Marc Asch, former State Representative

Andy Dawkins, former state legislator, Saint Paul Strong Board Member

John Choi, Ramsey County Attorney

Toni Carter, Ramsey County Commissioner

Jim McDonough, Chair, Ramsey County Commissioners

Rafael Ortega, Ramsey County Commissioner

Victoria Reinhardt, Ramsey County Commissioner

Nora Slawik, Maplewood Mayor

Dan Bostrom, Saint Paul City Council and Jan Bostrom

Randy Gustafson, Falcon Heights City Council

Marylee Abrams, Maplewood City Council

Gregg Nelson, North Oaks City Council

Lee Helgen, former Saint Paul City Council

Len Levine, former Saint Paul City Councilmember

Jane Prince, Saint Paul City Council

Bryan Smith, Maplewood City Council

Doug Biehn, White Bear Lake City Council

Dave Thune, retired Saint Paul City Council

Ady Wickstrom, former Shoreview City Council

Gloria Bogen, Chair, St. Paul Board of Zoning Appeals OR Officer, St. Paul Police Reserves

Matt Bostrom, retired Ramsey County Sheriff and Cheryl Bostrom

Tim Leslie, Dakota County Sheriff

Janee Harteau, Former Minneapolis Police Chief

Art Blakey, Lieutenant Ramsey County Sheriff's Office & State Fair Police Chief (ret.)

Paul Peltier, Deputy Fire Chief, White Bear Lake Fire (ret.)

Gary Swanson, Retired Senior Special Agent, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

Booker Hodges, Undersheriff, Ramsey County Sheriff's Office

Joshua Lego, Commander, Saint Paul Police Department Special Operations Division

Darin McDonald, Officer, Saint Paul Police Department

Mary Nash, Deputy Chief, Saint Paul Police Department

Lynn Wild, Ramsey County Deputy & Retired Saint Paul Police Department

Marit Brock, Chapter Leader, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

Melvin Carter Jr., Retired Saint Paul Police Officer and founder of Save Our Sons (SOS)

Bernie Hesse, UFCW 1189 Retired

Toufong Lor, President National Lo-Pha Society

Patrick Ruble, Realtor/Manager Associate, Coldwell Banker

Perry B. Schmidt, National Association of Letter Carriers

Sarah Walker, Second Chance Coalition

Alex Huffman, former U.S. Army Green Beret

Jean Anderson

Don Arnosti

Stephani Atkins

Ken Balfanz

Gregory Boosalis

Mark Buckwheat

Jessica Callahan

John Clarey and Robyn Hansen

Bruce Faribault

Gordon and Ruth Gerland

Raymond Hess

Emily Huemann

Bruce Jerome

Grace Kelly

Bob Kessler

Jayne Lallier

Shia Lor

Edward Malecki

Candy Markus

Julie McMeekin

Franklin Phraner

Andrea Sachs

John Sanchelli

Karla Sand

Linda Slattengren

Mark Stange

Doug Strand

Anthony Tedesco

Fuecha Kong Thao

Bill Tilton

Paul and Dawn Tuveson

Gary Unger

Eric and Douangta Vang-Sitcler

Susan Vento

Mark Voerding

Mark and Connie Wiegel

Judy Zielinski