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I have known Jack for nearly twenty years. Over that time, I have witnessed a person who is committed to personal and professional excellence, as well as to his family, community, and education. This commitment did not just “happen.” It has been a part of his very fiber since he was young boy. He became an Eagle Scout and then went on to serve as a long-time leader in Boy Scouts, all while being an active member of his church. He completed his bachelors degree at Hamline University, and went on to complete his masters and doctoral degrees at the University of St. Thomas. Not to mention, he graduated from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He is now a much sought-after instructor at our area universities and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s leadership development courses.
More recently, Jack has been nationally recognized for his work in character-based police officer selection and organizational development. As such, he has presented at the FBI National Academy Annual Conference, National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conferences, and next month will be at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference in Philadelphia. However, the achievement of which he is most proud, is marriage to is amazing wife Kathryn and his wonderful children Laura and Alex.

As a police officer, he was an exceptional patrol officer and then distinguished himself as a defensive tactics instructor and police academy supervisor at the Saint Paul Police Department. I noticed his commitment to serving others, personal accountability, and intellect and was convinced that he had great potential to be an excellent servant leader.

Over the years, I witnessed him lead by example, develop and mentor other officers, respond to crisis events, manage multi-million dollar budgets, and aggressively pursue perpetrators of domestic violence before other police leaders recognized the need.

When I was elected sheriff, one of the first people I contacted was Jack Serier. He had repeatedly demonstrated that he loved the residents and employees in Ramsey County and viewed law enforcement as a calling to serve others. He also understood that the community was yearning for law enforcement officers who exhibited the character-traits of trustworthiness, truthfulness, responsibility and respectfulness and desired to be part of a law enforcement agency the was in relentless pursuit of those character-traits.

Upon joining the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office, he authored a new department manual, reorganized the K-9, water patrol, and reserves units, and oversaw the patrol and crime prevention operations of seven cities in our northern suburbs.  He further helped me by assuming the role of chief deputy (or chief of deputies). In this capacity, he was exceptional in leading our daily operations which included the management of professional standards and a $50M departmental budget, all while focusing on the continuous vision to integrate the ideals of a character-based organization and recruiting and promoting women and men who represent the rich diversity of Ramsey County.

Jack has been instrumental in the transformation of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office. He is eager to pursue the values of community policing, cooperative law enforcement, fiscal responsibility, and a diverse department. He is uniquely qualified personally and professionally serve as the sheriff. Ramsey County is fortunate to have him as its current sheriff and have an extraordinary opportunity to elect him as its next sheriff. He will be able to take the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office to new heights of character and service. If Sheriff Serier is elected to serve the people of Ramsey County, there is no doubt that the office will be a model for other law enforcement agencies in Minnesota and across the nation.

Matt Bostrom, retired Ramsey County Sheriff