I want to continue building an agency that is a force for good.
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Sheriff Jack Serier’s Accomplishments


Since becoming Sheriff in early 2017, I have worked on behalf of the people of Ramsey County to forge a Sheriff’s Office that not only reflects our community, but engages people through a “heart of service.” My accomplishments include:

  • Working with the community in Falcon Heights to create a new model of policing for people in the community.

  • Creating the Community Circle of Race & Equity with community partners to build trust and cooperation between law enforcement and residents.

  • Eliminating ICE Detention in Ramsey County. No more federal Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) prisoners will be held in our jail as long as I am Sheriff.

  • Eliminating booking fees which were charged to people upon an initial arrest and hurt people who are least able to afford them.

  • Guaranteeing Fiscal Responsibility. I take the management of your taxpayer dollars seriously. I returned $1.2 million back to the County in budget savings at the end of 2017.

  • Hiring to reflect the diversity of our community. We now have the most diverse corrections staff of any jail in Minnesota. Over 53% of our corrections employees are women and people of color.

  • Promoting an historic number of women and people of color into supervision and management.

  • Launching the first Women’s Academy for law enforcement career exploration at the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Maintaining excellent standards for employment through our Character Based Model of Hiring, Training, and Promotion. We hire for character and train for skills. This innovative program has attracted nationwide attention and was featured in Wyatt Cenac’s HBO series in April 2018.

  • Solving the long time staffing problems in the Ramsey County Jail. Our Adult Detention Center is now fully staffed and has a new, industry-leading schedule for employees to ensure work/life balance and promote a safer work environment.

  • Designing a long-term strategy for squad cams, body cams, and stationary cameras for our agency, which is one of the largest law enforcement agencies in Minnesota.

  • Establishing a Safety and Security Threat Assessment Team for people in our schools, businesses, and places of worship.

  • Building a high level of trust and great working relationships with our local public safety and government partners.

  • Forming the Ramsey County Coalition to address and act on the nationwide opioid crisis. Our #NotAnotherOverdose Coalition includes local law enforcement, government, and non-profit agencies working together to restore people and their families to health.

  • Coming together with our communities at Hot Dog With a Deputy neighborhood events in parks across Ramsey County each summer.

  • Establishing the Care On The Go Initiative for inmates who are in need of basic items when released from custody. This initiative relies 100% on community donations.

  • Listening and responding to the voices of our many communities. I recently received the Hmong National Lo/Pha Society Award for Leadership because of my support of the Hmong community both in Minnesota and internationally.


Fully Staffing the Adult Detention Center

In 2017, with great cooperation from the Ramsey County Board, we achieved clearance to hire the greatest number of personnel in the history of the long-understaffed Adult Detention Center; our primary jail. Ahead of schedule, our agency hired, trained, and deployed over 70 new employees into the facility. Our current staff has done tremendous work to meet the staffing challenges, and applaud them for it. As I promised, the Adult Detention Center reached full staffing levels in December 2017 and continues to be fully staffed today.

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Investing in Gender and Racial Diversity in Hiring

Since I took the reins at the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office, each new class of Correctional Officers and Deputies has been over 50% diverse for women and people of color. In 2017, I promoted the first female Chief Deputy in agency history. I also promoted an African American Undersheriff and four women to top-level administration positions. I continue to be fully committed to our racial and gender diversity, and we’ve now achieved racial and gender diversity never before seen in the history of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office. We must reflect the people we serve.


Responsibly Managing the Budget

I have been able to bring fiscal responsibility to the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office. In 2017, we produced a $1.2 million budget surplus while also solving long-term jail budget shortages.


Improving Mental Health in the Criminal Justice System

I recently became the new chair of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. In this capacity, I work with our criminal justice partners to make improvements in mental health in the criminal justice system. Since 2017, I’ve overseen the hiring of four new mental health staff members to provide full-time services in the Adult Dentention Center.

The real secret to great policing in America is not a secret at all. It is about focusing on what is important to communities.

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Sheriff Jack Serier’s Vision for

Continuing Forward Progress

  1. We will maintain our focus on Character Based Recruitment, Hiring, Training, and Promotions across the Sheriff’s Office.

  2. We will continue to combat sexual and domestic violence against women and children through support of advocacy programs and holding offenders accountable.

  3. We will work with our partners in criminal justice and public health to improve mental health services in our Adult Detention Center and across our communities.

  4. We will further work for elimination of disparities and alternatives for adult and juvenile detention as Chairperson of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council in Ramsey County.

  5. We will support sensible gun safety legislation through the Gun Violence Protection Order and Universal Background Check legislation.

  6. We will continue to keep ICE Detention out of the Ramsey County Jail.

  7. We will continue our work on race and gender equity in our agency and education of implicit bias and how it affects our community.

  8. We will extend our partnership and continue our work combatting the opioid crisis with non-profits and local law enforcement; focusing on pathways to treatment and provide hope to families and those suffering with addiction.

  9. We will complete our unified video storage technology solution that will maintain all of our fixed, mobile, and in-squad cameras and our new body cams now under testing.

  10. We will continue our hiring and training practices to maintain our fully staffed jail operations.

  11. We will use our Community Circle for Race and Gender Equity to maintain strong relationships with all of our communities of color across Ramsey County.

Good character doesn’t stop at hiring. It’s part of everything we do.

About Sheriff Jack Serier

Leading at the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office:  Jack Serier has been the Sheriff of Ramsey County since January 10, 2017. Prior to being Sheriff, Jack served for two years as Chief Deputy (2015-2017), Undersheriff of the Public Safety Services Division (2012-2015), Inspector in policy development and later as manager of the Water Patrol, Dive Team and the Canine Unit (2011-2012).

Experience as a Public Safety Leader:  Before serving in the Sheriff’s Office, he served as a patrol officer in the Stillwater, Eagan and Saint Paul police departments. During his time in Saint Paul, Jack also worked as a firearms instructor, training officer, training sergeant/academy commandant, patrol supervisor, investigator, executive officer to an assistant chief, and as a police commander for an investigations and district narcotics unit.

Jack spent the first 12 years of his career as a police officer in the Stillwater, Eagan, and Saint Paul Police Departments working the midnight shift in patrol where he responded to emergency calls and performed criminal investigations. A key part of his job was community policing and new officer training. This experience established for him a love of teaching and solidified the value of continuous community partnership.

Education:  Jack holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hamline University. He earned a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul. He holds a doctorate in Leadership, Policy and Administration also from the University of Saint Thomas. He is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Teaching and Serving:  Jack loves teaching others and serves as an assistant professor at Saint Mary’s University, adjunct faculty at the University of Saint Thomas, and as an instructor for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s management program. Jack serves on the board of the Northeast Youth and Family Services. Jack was a scout leader for many years, is an Eagle Scout, and is currently on the President’s Council of the Northern Star Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

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Family Life

My wife, Kathryn and I, are homeowners on Saint Paul's east side. Kathryn and I have been married for 26 years, and we have two adult children. We love to spend time together skiing, hiking, and traveling the western United States.

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Why I'm in Policing

A personal story from Sheriff Jack Serier

"I would like to bring you back to how I decided to spend the last 27 years in public service. When I was in college at Hamline University, I went on a ride along with the St. Paul Police Department with a young officer. That young officer later became a senior sergeant of great reputation. During that ride a long, we went to look into the care of a young girl who had been abandoned by her mother. She was brought to the hospital by someone in her neighborhood. I met this 4-year-old girl and even though she had been abandoned, she still had complete faith that a police officer would help her and he did! He became her friend, got her something to eat, made sure she was taken care of by the doctors. That young officer then transitioned her to a foster home a few miles away where she could get a bath, some better clothes, and some rest. At that moment, I knew that this was the line of work for me, one that served others selflessly and cared for those most in need."


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